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Testimonials for Our Advising Services

Here is what people say about working with us.

"Eric Storm & Beth Meredith of Create The Good Life are our personal and professional go-to's for everything important that we do, and we cannot say enough about how knowledgeable and keenly insightful they are on any given topic. We haven't been able to stump them yet!"
- John Crowley & Diane Gentile - Aqus Community, California

"I'm absolutely in awe how intuitive and on point you both are on all the many facets of my life. I want you to know that I really listened to what you had to say, and have taken your advice to heart. The work that you guys do impacts people's lives deeply, and I thank you for impacting mine."
- P.W. - Maryland

"You should brag more. This is GREAT advice!"
- Andy Couturier - Author and Teacher, The Opening, California

"Beth and Eric are skilled coaches, constellators and change agents, but above all, they have heart. Their easy and humble way of working allowed me to relax and be vulnerable in new ways. Their way of working makes it possible for me to see myself in the best, most kind light, and that by itself is transformative. I recommend Beth and Eric highly to address issues of work/life balance as well as other kinds of changes that you might want to improve the quality of your life."
- Leslie Nipps - Change Work Practioner, California

"Beth and Eric have been guides and counselors to several companies, organizations, and dozens of individuals with whom I've worked. I've come to most of my hardest decisions with their help, and survived implementation of those decisions with their ongoing support. I consider their support a staple."
- Angie Monette Harrison - Executive Vice President, SPARC / Peace in Medicine, California

"Beth and Eric are gifted with deep knowledge of human psychology and energy intuition. The combination of those two allow them to effectively facilitate your integration and transformation in a very loving, compassionate and concentrated way. May their work benefit you, as it profoundly helped me, and many beings!"
- Mingtong Gu - Qigong Master, California

"Beth and Eric are a remarkable team that have given me broader perspectives and new tools that have improved my quality of life significantly. I recommend their Constellation work as an amazingly transformative, healing experience—I was literally transformed through the process and that experience has broadened my capacity for compassion. The other modalities Beth and Eric use enable them to understand issues clearly and bring explicit, practical, encouraging and actionable guidance to making positive change. The name, "Create the Good Life" describes perfectly the intent and scope of their compelling work. What's more, they live what they counsel."
- Tiffany Mitchell, California

"The way you both hold clarity, gentleness, specificity, curiosity and wisdom, how it all comes together in your dance of work, is beautiful. I feel affirmed and moved on many levels. Thank You, Thank You!"
- Kellita Maloof - Showgirl Awakening, California

"Eric and Beth illuminate issues around health, wealth and happiness in such a profound way, and they have helped me take straightforward steps to radically improve my life, providing support and positivity along the way. As my mentors, friends, coaches and trusted advisors, these two can quickly and clearly articulate what's happening in my professional and personal life and offer up intelligent ideas and solutions that are practical and worth their weight in gold. Working with them I feel validated, heard, adored, supported, enriched and empowered to live my best possible life, in a style that suits me. I can't recommend Create the Good Life enough!"
- Marni Jade Evans - Sustainability Consultant, Texas

"Thank you so much for the session! You are very talented and gifted at what you do. I was in awe of the process, and your intuitive abilities. Thank you! I really do feel that I am standing in a new place energetically, and I really appreciate the homework assignments you gave me. I am feeling this new integrated supportive energy in my body. Thank you!!!!!"
- Theresa Stevens - Samba Dancer, New York

"Beth and Eric can help you do whatever you want to do. As long as it's sustainable, good for you and your networks, and propels you into ever evolving happiness! In our first consultation, they listened carefully, then laid out a very clear picture of where I am, where I'd like to go (in life), and very clear simple steps on how to get there. Beth and Eric have so many tools that I feel like I can come to them with any problem. So far they've helped with challenging family and work relationships, clarity around life purpose, and action steps towards creating that life purpose into an actual career. Sometimes it seemed they knew me better than I know myself. They predicted ways that I would've inhibited myself from quickly stepping into my ultimate career. They challenged the parts of me that needed to be examined and offered insightful ways to move forward in life with ease and abundance. If you're ready to Create the Good Life for yourself, Beth and Eric will help you make it happen."
- Katie Todd - Renewal Energy practioner, Oregon

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Beth Meredith and Eric Storm when I was feeling overwhelmed with life's circumstances and generally depressed. As a result of our work together, I quickly found renewed energy and a clarity of priorities and purpose that was not evident to me beforehand. I was especially taken with their professionalism in dealing with any sensitive issues that surfaced - their approach was always honest and direct, yet gentle and dignifying. I am truly grateful for the joy they have helped me restore in my life."
- J.S. - Sustainability Consultant, Washington

"Working with Beth and Eric has been a profound and delightful experience. They bring such a light and supportive presence that even the most entangled and tenacious topics (and I have worked on quite a few with them) are met with ease. Their levity and support activate the same qualities within me, and as I work through different obstructions, I am simultaneously learning to transform the way that I perceive and interact with the concept of 'obstruction'. Those are some meta-skills! And we are never confined to one particular modality or technique as they work on such a broad spectrum. Together, we identify the content of the inquiry and then they light the most effective path to the heart of it all. I would (and have and do) recommend them to those soul miners who seek quality and connection in life."
- Kat Lilith - Holistic Health Practitioner, California

"Beth and Eric are supreme advisors. They are thoughtful and smart in their counsel. They deftly employ their insight with a variety of techniques to assist their clients in gaining clarity about issues, while also gently inquiring into what might make you a happier human! They are kind, respectful and non-threatening in their manner, facilitating genuine rapport. While working with Beth and Eric, I have had several 'a-ha' moments - breakthroughs in understanding - that have served me well. Because they complement each other's skill sets so nicely, they offer their clients a dynamic-duo approach in their consulting: two heads and hearts ready to help you on your life and work path. Beth and Eric are truly exceptional folks to have on your team."
- Rebecca Valentine, Share Exchange, California

"What really sets Beth and Eric apart is an ability to truly hear the interests of their clients and then to translate these interests into a vision that is larger than the sum of the parts. This is their true service to their clients."
- Laura Hall - Urban Planner, Hall Alminana Inc., California

"Eric and Beth offer a refreshing approach to making challenging decisions. I found their expertise exceptionally helpful at a time when I needed it most. They listen carefully and offer insights I could not see from my solo vantage point. I highly recommend their slow life design services."
- Kelley Rajala - Founder, ShareExchange, California

"I think what has been most helpful (and unique) in working with Eric and Beth, is their 'pro-active' listening skills. Good coaches and mentors have to have 'active' listening skills, but, Eric and Beth go a step beyond that. They not only sense what is not being said, they also know just the right questions, and the way to gracefully weave them into the conversation, to bring forth the missing pieces. "
- Alana Coburn - Cittaslow USA, California

"Eric Storm and Beth Meredith are providing a strong and clear counterpoint of SLOW to the accelerating rate of change in the world around/within us. With energy and communications technologies now speeding up our world, we often desire to slow down and INTEGRATE all the novelty that is continually transforming our species and the planet. Eric and Beth offer a wide range of creative tools and insightful professional guidance that can ease some of our 'systemic stress' and enrich our Awareness and quality of life."
- Scott Hess - Photographer, California

"Eric and Beth really helped me crystallize how to talk about my company's offerings. They found strategies that worked for me to integrate my message in all my communications with my team and my clients. They even helped my team better understand and communicate with our clients, based on identifying their personality types and needs. All of these were invaluable tools for the further health and growth of my small company. Create the Good Life really worked for my organization and I'd recommend it to anyone at any stage in their business life!"
- Jonathan Cohen - Energy Engineer & Consultant, Imagine Energy, Oregon

"Eric and Beth's experience, depth of knowledge and holistic approach to problem solving have been extraordinary positive influences in my professional and personal life. They are skilled at knowing which tools or perspectives are the most appropriate for a given situation and then helping me understand how to most effectively apply those tools. It is rare to find coaches with their level of skill and integrity. I can't recommend them highly enough!"
- Brandon Smith - COO, Cascadia Region Green Building Council, Oregon

"The constellation work that Beth and Eric did was indescribable and fantastic. It breaks the mold of what we are used to for problem solving and healing. You will be puzzled and amazed, and above all it will bring clarity to complex situations in an incredibly few hours. I strongly suggest everyone try this for themselves!"
- John Crowley - Aqus Community, California

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