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We invite you to come to a tasting and experience the joys of drinking oolong tea. Oolong leaves can be brewed several times yielding many cups of pleasure. See our tips on brewing each tea, and order some tea today!

Zu Chang Quality
Taiwan grows the highest quality oolong teas in the world. These teas are prized for their wide range of tastes from the delicate to the robust. Zu Chang teas come from tea gardens with high standards for growing and are produced by Mr. Wang, a sixth generation tea maker.

ta yu ling color when brewed

Ta Yu Ling  - light, vegetal, floral, sweet                       大禹嶺高山茶

A premium quality green oolong which is highly prized for its delicate flavor and aroma. It is grown in the mists of tea gardens over 7,000 feet high in central Taiwan.

    $54   3.5 oz. tin  (makes 100+ cups)

wen-shan paochong color when brewed

Wen-Shan Paochong  - smooth, floral, sweet            文山包種茶

Grown in the Wen-Shan area of northern Taiwan, this tea has a unique combination of floral and smooth qualities for which Taiwanese oolongs are renowned.

    $8   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

amber oolong color when brewed

Jasmine  - floral, oak, full-bodied                               茶莉香片

Jasmine petals are added to this light oolong to create a well balanced, fragrant tea.

    $5   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

wild oolong color when brewed

Wild Oolong  - complex, honey, apricot, cedar                  原生烏龍茶

Grown in fallow tea gardens, this is one of Mr. Wang's personal favorites. This tea is oxidized and roasted to produce complex fruity qualities which hold up over many steepings.

    $8   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

Glass Teapots

    $18   150 ml
    $20   200 ml
    $25   450 ml
    $18   share pot

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