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Order Taiwanese Teas

To order our teas, send us an email with a list of the teas you want along with your contact information.
We can then arrange a time for you to pick them up in Petaluma, California.

Send orders to this email address:

Jin-Xuan High Mountain Tea

Ta Yu Ling
    $54   3.5 oz. tin  (makes 100+ cups)

Wen-Shan Paochong
    $8   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

    $5   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

Wild Oolong
    $8   1.0 oz. packet  (makes 30+ cups)

Glass Teapots
    $18   150 ml
    $20   200 ml
    $25   450 ml
    $18   share pot