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Systemic Constellation Circle

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If you want to resolve a stubborn or confounding issue, experience soulful healing, and connect deeply with others, join us in the sacred adult play space of constellation.

Constellation is a body-based method for gaining insight and healing around family, work, health, money, personal, and spiritual matters. Read more about Systemic Constellation (also known as Family Constellation). Open the flyer (PDF).

Give us a call to see if Systemic Constellation would be useful for you.

John Crowley of Aqus Community said:
"The constellation work that Beth and Eric did was indescribable and fantastic. It breaks the mold of what we are used to for problem solving and healing. You will be amazed, and above all it will bring clarity to complex situations in an incredibly few hours. I strongly suggest everyone try this for themselves!"

Location: Side cottage at 405 H Street, Petaluma, CA. Look for the French doors past the trellis.
Time: 9:30 - 1:30
Cost: $35 to participate, or $175 for a constellation about your issue.
Registration and pre-payment is necessary.
Contact: For more information and to reserve your space, email or phone 707-694-1872.

Tea Tastings

We offer tea tastings as a way to experience a slow experience of the senses and to share our love of Taiwanese teas. You can see our up-coming tea events on our Taiwanese Teas website.

Beth in our

Our Advice Booth Coming to an Event Near You

We offer advice for 5¢ at our "Lucy booth". If you are grappling with an issue or just want to say hi, we'd love to see you at an event this year.

Stay Tuned for 2017 Events ...

Contact us if you'd like our advice booth at your event.

Complete List of Workshops and Trainings

We offer general workshops and customized trainings on a range of subjects. We tailor our workshops and talks to the audience and circumstances. If you have a group of four people or more, we can often create a workshop around your schedule. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following topics:

Designing Your Life for Well Being: The Slow Living Approach — Create your picture of the good life and see how it can inform your choices at home, work and other areas of your life.

Lucy's advice booth

Slow Life Design Advice — Just like Peanut's Lucy at her stand, we can be a part of your event and help people with the issues in their lives and at work.

Psychological Tools for Personal and Organizational Change — Learn how and when to use the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, and Systemic Constellation can help expand your awareness of behavior patterns, dynamics, assumptions, and values of ourselves and others.

Syestemic Constellation Circles — Group setting for constellations offering healing and insight.

Enneagram Salons — How to use the Enneagram to self exploration and in your relations with others.

Living Well with Less — Live a life full of the things you love and find meaningful by editting out the unwanted and irrelevant.

Making Time for Well Being — An interactive workshop for learning how you can better design your time to create a good life for you and the planet.

Slow Time — How to design your time so that you can focus on the things that are most important and rewarding.

Slow Money and Resources — Discover all the resources you have and how to use them for well being.

Creating More Connection — How can we foster the connection to people and place we need for well being.

Making a Home for Well Being — An interactive workshop for learning how you can better design your living space to create a good life for you, your family, and the planet?

Green and Slow Home — How to live well and efficiently in your home, including all aspects of remodeling and energy conservation.

Home Sharing — The art and practice of sharing your home with others.

Slow Design — How can we best apply design processes and principles to well being in our lives and as design professionals

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