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Our monthly Slow Living Blog explores the benefits of Slow Living and offers practical tips for creating the good life. For more on these topics visit Slow Movement and Slow Living.

This Month

August - This is Your Brain on Power - This month's essay looks at the effects of power on your brain and how to maintain empathy.

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Chronological Archives

For a complete list of Slow Living essays arranged by topic, visit Slow Living Essays.

August - This is Your Brain on Power - The effects of power on your brain and how
            to maintain empathy.
July - Practice, Practice, Practice - How to practice your way to the good life.
June - Small, Ordinary and Deeply Fulfilling - The joy found in the small and
            ordinary things in life.
May - Decision No. 1,341 - Strategies for navigating life's myriad decisions.
April - Getting Personal - The incredible benefits of personal growth.
March - Taking Care in Turbulent Times - 12 self-care strategies.
February - Contemplating Mortality - Mortality and its connection to living well
January - Reflecting on the New Year - The value of reflecting in our increasingly
            busy lives.

December - The Giving and Receiving Spiral - What it takes to create an upward
November - Standing on the Shoulders of our Ancestors - Gratitude for the gift
            we have all been given.
October - It's About Time - Time perspectives and how we see and act in the world.
September - What Would Your Essential Self Express? - The value of expressing
            your essential self.
August - Money and Your Happiness - How much money affects your happiness.
July - DIY Magic - The magic of tidying up.
June - Get Out! - Enjoy the sensory and health benefits of being outside.
May - Kickstarting Your Creativity - Play and explore your creativity.
April - That's a Good Question - The value of a good question.
March - Changes Ahead: Think Slow - Reflection as a key to personal change.
February - And I Love That About Myself - Practices for nurturing self-love and
January - And the Award Goes to ... You! - Acknowledging all of your
            amazing ways of being and the things you do.

December - Holiday Magic - Coming from the heart to discover the magic of the
November - Stress-Be-Gone - Six body-based practices to reduce stress.
October - The Joys (and Fears) of Freedom - Experience the freedom in your life.
September - The Art of Taking a Break - The qualities of a restorative break.
August - Developing Your Super Powers - The amazing benefits of meditation.
July - What's Your Story? - The values and pitfalls of the stories we tell ourselves.
June - Who Are We Now? - Our identity from citizen to consumer and beyond.
May - Going, Going, Gone - Releasing the things in your life you are ready to let go.
April - Mexico Bound! - The various approaches for getting where we want to go.
March - Small Acts for Big Impacts - Small acts really impact your quality of life.
February - Annual Check Up - A chance to check in with how fulfilled you are feeling.
January - A Choiceful New Year - The power of understanding the choices we make.

December - Drinking in Well Being with Tea - How to savor well being with tea.
November - Facing Up to Facebook - Your social media experience and choices to
            enhance your life.
October - What is The Good Life? - Elements of the good life & the Good Life
            Assessment Flower.
September - Dancing On Down the Road - Three ways to dance down the road
            of life.
August - Getting Personal about Sustainability - What it takes to create personal
July - The Future is Psychic - Pondering the possibility of a more psychic future.
June - Yummy Intergation - Ways to fully integrate what life has to offer.
May - Everyday Sacred - Expanding our sense of the sacred everyday.
April - Accentuate the Positive (and the Possible) - Being positive and open to
March - Practice, Practice, Practice - How to practice your way to the good life.
February - Defaulting to The Good Life - The structure and defaults that make
            living the good life easy.
January - Happy D-I-Y New Year - Ideas for reflecting and looking forward.

December - A Gifting We Will Go - Revel in the joys of gift giving - year round.
November - The Anatomy of Thanks Giving, Gratitude and Forgiveness -
            Exploring how gratitude feels.
October - See You at the Movies - Movies showing journeys of personal
September - What's Meaning Got to Do with It? - The role of meaning for
            happiness and the good life.
August - Living in the Shallows - The impact on your brain of being plugged in 24/7.
July - Joy-O-Joy - Encouraging us to let joy be our guide.
June - Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First - Taking care of yourself today.
May - Space For Well Being - Ways to make your living spaces support your well
April - You Say Novelty, I Say Diversion - Revealing the novelty right under our
March - Unplug and Play - Encouraging you to turn off your screens and go play.
February - Who You Gonna Call? - Building the support you need for change.
January - Your New Year's "Inten-goal-utions" - Super-charge your resolutions.

December - A Christmas Story - The essence of family and the holidays.
November - Getting Down Time - The need for down time, especially during winter.
October - Time for Awesome - The benefits of feeling awe-struck.
September - Small, Ordinary and Deeply Fulfilling - Joy is found in the small
August - The Secret to Success - The meaning of success and making it meaningful.
July - The End - Exploring the role of endings within of the cycle of life.
June - The Shadow Knows - The value of exploring our darker side.
May - Welcome to Open Space - The fertile territory where 'new' happens.
April - Enough! - Finding the joy in enough.
March - The Relationship Economy - An economy of trading, sharing, gifting, &
February - Becoming a Pattern Detective - How patterns can and do shape your
January - Busy Being Happy? - Focusing your busy-ness where it counts.

December - The Giving and Receiving Spiral - What it takes to create an upward
            spiral. [Updated December 2016]
November - In Praise of Maintenance - Appreciating the value of maintenance.
October - Life On The Edge - How the concept of Edge can help simplify our lives.
September - The Thrill of Learning - Rediscovering your innate joy of learning.
August - Tracking Your Personal Happiness - The specifics of what makes you
July - Finding Balance on the Cutting Edge - Ways to bring your life into balance.
June - Flex Your Improv Muscle - Honing improv skills for a healthy and flexible
May - Be Resourceful - Ways we can be more resourceful in our daily lives.
April - Slow Tech - Just Say "Not Now" - Balancing tech & face–to–face
March - Making Time for The Good Life - Strategies to priorite and manage
            your time.
February - From Friending to Friendships - Valuing and nurturing your friendships.
January - How to Have a Happier New Year - 12 ways to be happier in the
            New Year.

December - Wishing you a Slow (Holiday) Season! - Using the season to practice
             to savor life, find meaning, and connect more.
November - What's Your Story? - The values and pitfalls of the stories we tell
            ourselves. [Updated July 2015]
October - Know Thy Self - Increasing self-awareness is key to creating the good life.
September - New and Improved: Your Creative Life - Becoming more creative.
August - Lessons from Staycations and Secular Sabbaths - Bring the feel of
             vacations into your daily life.
July - Dancing with Awareness, Design and Practice - A design approach for life.
June - Being Current and Feeling Groovy - How to create better flow in your life.
May - The Sharing Solution - The many ways sharing can enhance your life.
April - Cheap Thrills: The Art and Science of Savoring - Simple ways to savor life.
March - Making Sense of Dollars - Ways to get your personal finances under
February - The High Cost of More - Why less really is more & more is not always
January - Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! - Strategies for more successful change.

December - It's About Time - Your time profile and ways to manage time.
November - A Simple Plan - How to create a plan for change.
October - What is the Good Life? - Key elements and assessment flower.