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The Future is Psychic

old school psyhic with crystal ball

Do you ever hear something that just sticks with you? You may not understand what it means, or why it keeps resonating in your head, but it does. This happened to us awhile back with the phrase, the future is psychic.

Once we got over the image of turbaned mystics with crystal balls, we began to ponder what a psychic future might look like. Perhaps it would help with understanding; it can be a challenge to communicate clearly given the complexity of just about everything. For instance, we recently received five pages of cat care instructions from a friend which left us feeling overwhelmed (and grateful). There was an explanation for every situation: if kitty doesn't eat X, try Y, then Z. Yikes! Most of the time, it seems we settle for incompleteness and hope for the best.

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Complexity is not the only issue. More and more we find ourselves trying to describe experiences for which there is no vocabulary. The same goes for many of our clients who offer innovative products and services. In describing these new phenomenon we either resort to being wordy, attempt forging a new vocabulary (and again hoping for the best), or try conveying the feel through graphics ("Like This!"). An example for us is Systemic Constellation (huh?), which we still find almost impossible to describe. (Read our effort here.) People get it once they have the experience, but making that initial connection can be tricky.

One way the present is more psychic for us is finding ways to use our intuition. We notice we often get insights by bringing our awareness to something and being open to what we discover. As we quiet our minds and pay attention to all the images, thoughts, and feelings that come to us, we are able to comprehend a situation more easily. This comprehension is frequently beyond words and arrives as a kind of knowing. Whenever possible, we check in to see if what we are sensing concurs with what is going on, or not. Like with any skill, our intuition improves with practice.

crystal ball phone app

Lots of people have been experiencing an expanded sense of knowing for a while now through their use of computers and the internet. One way to look at Smartphones and their progeny like Google Glass is as a kind of training wheels for intuition. These devices are reformulating our expectations for communication and information such that we think in terms of having access to everyone and everything—anytime, anywhere. Through these mechanisms we are able to tune in to all kinds of people and data, past and present, often by starting our search through a query. Seen this way, Smartphones are like pocket psychics!

Now imagine you could learn to access the same information you get with your Smartphone by using just your consciousness instead. Talk about hands free! You could tune in to people, send them a message, and hear their response. (It wouldn't be too hard to approximate electronic conversations which often boil down to, "Hey, are you there?" "Yes, I'm here!") You could look up information including things about the past, the present, and—added bonus feature—the future. Sound appealing? This may be what happens as more of us develop our intuition.

It's hard to know what the impact of all our current electronic connectivity will be ultimately. In the Doomsday Camp (where we sometimes reside) there is concern about how our devices are causing us to lose our ability to empathize and to relate person-to-person in real time. Alternatively in the There-is-no-such-thing-as-too-much-connectivity Camp, they talk about sensing an ever expanding connection to everything including the world beyond personal experiences. They see themselves and the world as one, which is after all what humanity has struggled to comprehend for centuries.

baby from the future

Today in some less industrialized countries they are skipping certain technological stages, like creating a centralized electric grid, and moving directly to localized solar power, for example. We will be curious to see if in the not too distant future some children will be able to skip the Smartphone stage ("You had to carry what?"), and move directly to psychic perception. Talking to parents of little ones we know, this does not seem so far-fetched. As for ourselves, we will continue to live with our dumb cell phone and seek out ways to develop our intuition. We just hope that this psychic future comes with jet packs too!


What intuitive abilities do you already have? What do you seem to know without having to go through the usual ways of finding out? How and when do those premonitions usually come to you?


Pay attention to your hunches over the next week. Make guesses or predictions based on these and see how often you are right. Practice quieting and opening your mind and sensing into a situation. Make note of what comes up. Check to see how your impressions of something are connected to what you discover about it in other ways.

baby from the future

See you in the psychic realm!

Beth and Eric

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